Reak Surfing in the Beautiful Grace of Nature that is Costa Rica

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What the results are when a sustainability-oriented surf camp and an NGO whose goal will be “build, support, and activate an alliance of businesses financially dedicated to creating a healthy and balanced planet” join forces? Boom! Sunset Surf and another Percent For The Planet have come together and agreed on promoting some of today’s most vital values: living a healthy lifestyle while keeping the planet healthy!

costa rica surf camp (7)The greatest place to practice or to learn the skills of surfing is certainly at Sunset Surf  in Dominical – Costa Rica, do not think twice about asking us and getting you booked to this fantastic spot.

Puerto Viejo also known as Salsa Brava, is home to a few of Costa Rica’s biggest waves. A coral reef from the coast produces Hawaiian-style breaks that often carry over 20 surfers at a time. Found in the Limon province, Puerto Viejo is a vibrant seaside town with gorgeous waters and waves that tempt surfing pros.Westfalia extends south from Limon to Cahuita, offering breaks through the left and right. The best part of Westfalia is its reliability — it provides consistently good surf, but be forewarned concerning the riptides and jellyfish.

csta-rica-surf-camp-go-pro-shotOne Percent For The Planet was started up by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, back in 2002. Both of these entrepreneurs shared a typical wisdom that allowed their businesses to flourish: they saw that protecting the natural resources that kept their businesses going was the secret, not just to a successful business, but additionally to a tranquil conscience and a feeling of fulfillment based on the promotion of harmoniously coexisting with Mother Earth.

One Percent For The Planet’s contributing members support lots and lots of nonprofit organizations that help to safeguard land, water, and forests, along with instilling sustainability into agricultural and energy production, detoxifying the environment, removing plastics from the oceans, and more. Numerous companies leading to One Percent For The Planet are proudly promoting the healthy, symbiotic practices of the nonprofit partners everywhere by donating 1% of their sales directly to the sustainability-focused non-profit of the preference. One of many roles of 1% within this process is to carefully monitor for track record, veracity and impact.

costa-rica-surf-camp-surf-instructionsSmack right along the shores regarding the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica, many a lucky tourist will come upon the best Surfing Camp in Costa Rica, a placid and rustic pocket of Costa Rican-style, sandy hospitality and delicious free-spirited beach enjoyment. Tucked during the base associated with tropical rainforest of the majestic Talamanca Mountains, this surf camp is a favorite in the petite but charming surf village of Dominical. 5 years spent because of the Park family in the area were enough to convince one of their youngest sons, Dylan Park, that his destiny would be to move back into the family farm and commence up a boutique surf camp.

costa-rica-surf-camp-three-schoolSunset Surf Camp is located in one of several coolest beach towns in the united states. Dominical hosts a surprisingly vibrant nightlife to be a relatively small town. You will find great bars and restaurants, and live music and spontaneous parties are not unusual. This luxury costa rica surf camp in Dominical always makes sure to keep you tuned in to what’s taking place all over town. Aside from the night fun, you will find a number of activities to enjoy during the day such as waterfall hikes, ocean and river kayaking, horse-back riding regarding the beach, and world-class fishing. You will find also a large souvenir fair set up by mainly local artisans where it’s possible to delight in finding the perfect souvenir. Massage and healing centers are also available for relaxing tired muscles, and another are able to find a wide range of Spanish schools which will help any foreigner in learning your local lingo. It is clear that Sunset Surf has continued to develop expertise in promoting a love for nature, for a healthier lifestyle, as well as adding to your local economy.



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